Wednesday, March 08, 2006

rennie d in the way

In 1988 I lost a friend, seemingly to the vagaries of the Apartheid regime. It deeply affected me, and others. I wrote this poem in her memory, to a friend who was more than a friend:

to a comrade in the way

not so long ago I walked in
a stranger among friends
you walked forward
and a friendship was forged
the warmth of your emerald eyes eternal
their depths unfathomable
in you I saw the nature of Christ
now you are gone

your life ended only to begin
in our pain the seeds you’ve sown
find their life-water
you died a prisoner of hope
and your blood cries out
for justice and righteousness
you call us to future hope
of freedom

our paths were not so far apart
you and i
now you are gone


rennie D
29 June 1988
revised 8 March 2006

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