Tuesday, April 04, 2006

the trials & tribulations of rennie d

Two months ago I experienced an unexpected revolt by my gall bladder, which took a general surgeon and a hospital visit to put down. I am able to report that our campaign was successful, and, apart from a few scars, I have survived! In reflection:

memoir of a gall bladder

a gentle caress
grows to acute child-birth ache
muscles clench in referred concern
bile stone-stoppered seeks
a duct to flow
restless movement
no relief wrapped in sweat-beaded
an hour two four
marks a shifting pain
disbelief muscle ache
somnambulant relief

airport waiting
in surgical
haute coutier
theatre seven air-conditioned sterility
burning sleep courses through
breathe deep

confused awakening
knife-pain deep and spread
groaned and muttered
pinprick dulls the spread but
focuses the knife-hurt
shoulder ache restlessness
pinprick relief
dried-mouth muttering
a gentle hand whispering
her presence

rennie D
18 February 2006

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