Sunday, April 01, 2007

am i a sinner?

My sermon for Palm Sunday is available at I have reflected on the nature of God's incarnation, that (according to Philippians) we are warned to not seek equality with God. However, God sought equality with us in and through Jesus' life on earth. Not only this, but God was willing to seek equality with the poorest-of-the-poor and those outcast by society. I ask the question, "Am I a sinner?" and reflect that on most Sundays as we have reminded ourselves of the 10 Commandments during this time of Lent, I have left the church property feeling good about myself - I have not committed murder! I have not been adulterous! I've even honoured my parents! I'm OK! ... but am I? I've accelerated, not braked, when the traffic light turned from green to amber. I've driven over the speed limit. I've spoken on my mobile un-hands-free while driving ... and that's just for starters! But I'm OK! What about more serious sin ... CRIME, for instance? My breaking of the law is inconsequential ... or is it? How do we as Christians and South Africans build a value-based centre that outlaws corruption, crime, rape, murder ... if we don't first acknowledge that we, too, are sinners - even if our sin is "rationalisable" and seemingly inconsequential? How do we set an example and speak out against the lawlessness of our society when we struggle to keep the easiest of rules? Why did Jesus die?

Rennie D
1 April 2007

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