Wednesday, December 14, 2011

beyond midnight

The sperm of gods
Beats down
In rhythmic thrust upon
The heat drenched land
Beyond the darkness
Of the midnight hour

I dream of you
As rain pours down
From moon brushed
Clouds upon the
Gasping ground
Its thirst enveloping
The life-force of the Gods

I dream of you beyond
The midnight hour
And cry out in rhythmic
Expectation of your thirst
And gasp in expectation
As thunder echoes
in the clouds

I dream of you
And wake to feel
The heat of expectation
To hear the rain beat down
The coolness of a sated
Earth carried on the
Cooling breeze

I dream of you
As the gathering storm
Expends itself
The lightening shafts
Water pounding
At the earth

I dream of you
My body awakening
To the memory
Of your thirst
My passion warming
To the thunderous
Midnight storm

I dream of you

Rennie D
14 December 2011


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