Saturday, January 02, 2010

six characteristics of christ

I came across the following in a web blog by Jeff Elkins, and thought it may be a useful personal or group statement of purpose for those seeking to take Christ to the world, as we seek ways to move away from expecting the world to come to Christ (a default response most institutionalised Christians have).
“We will share Jesus with others by loving God and loving people through lives defined by…
Humility – understanding our need for God, we will be defined by our transparent, sincere brokenness.
Forgiveness – with an attitude of brokenness, considering others to be better than ourselves, we will seek to offer forgiveness, restoring others to right relationship with God and one another.
Service – longing to see people restored, we will love them with reckless and messy abandon.
Worship – as we encounter God through loving others, we will proclaim Jesus as Lord with uninhibited authenticity.
Wonder – in reverent stillness we will appreciate God’s glory without fear.
Surrender – knowing that Jesus is God and we are not, we will daily humble ourselves, deny our selfish ambition, and seek the Spirit’s guidance.”
…and then we ask each other where we have succeeded and where we have failed.

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